Handmade jewelry by Katie RoseMy name is Katie Rose I have been making jewelry since about 2006. I was inspired by a piece of jewelry someone bought for me and thought “I could do that”. I put my own spin on it and my first pieces were all wire earrings. Since then I have refined my technique and broadened my horizons. I still love to use wire in new and creative ways. I am inspired by my beads and often feel connected to the beads that I buy. I love customizing jewelry for people and letting them in on the process via pictures along the way. One of my favorite materials is vintage buttons that my grandma sends me from her vast button collection in NJ.

My work has been sold in Denver, CO at a very popular jewelry/accessory store. I am hoping to get some of my work in stores in other states as well as in Minnesota, my home state. We started this website in July 2012 after changing to Designs by Katie Rose. I hope that you like my work. If you can’t find something you like please don’t hesitate to ask me to make you a custom piece of jewelry! Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

Visit my website at http://designsbykatierose.com/ to see my latest creations!

~Katie Rose


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