Healing Gemstones

Originally posted at http://designsbykatierose.com/blog/healing-gemstones

One of my most recent commissions was for a friend of a friend. This customer wanted some specific gemstones for their healing purposes. I saw it as a new and fun challenge; while I have worked with gemstones in the past, I have used them only as accents, not as a focal component. Most gemstones have a meaning as well as a healing component. The three materials I was asked to use were: moonstone, bloodstone and jet.

Handmade jewelry by Katie RoseMoonstone comes in several colors (I used 3) and rainbow moonstone (bought some but didn’t end up using it). I bought all of the moonstone in interesting shapes and some drilled in unique places. I love using different shapes in my work especially with gemstones and especially when the gems are the focus. I wanted the focus on the moonstone so I added very few accent beads, some freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals here and there, but nothing that would draw attention too far from this beautiful stone.

Handmade jewelry by Katie RoseThe bloodstone was a bit more simple. Bloodstone is usually dark green and has red splatters in various places sometimes frequently sometimes infrequently; hence the name bloodstone. For the bloodstone necklace I decided on simple shapes and design to enhance and feature the bloodstone prominently. Since it is an intricate and interesting stone, I wanted everything simple. I decided to omit a pendant, I did this for two reasons: I could not find a bloodstone pendant that I felt inspired by and any pendant I liked took away from the bloodstone.

Handmade jewelry by Katie RoseThe jet necklace is one of my favorite creations, I chose to accent it with amber because this is supposed to help enhance the healing powers as well as the fact that it is often used in conjunction with amber for this purpose. I got a little crazy with this one and started with an awesome tear-drop shaped pendant, I added it to a silver wire that I bent/hammered and textured. I then wire-wrapped the whole shebang with the tiny amber beads. I connected the two sides with some chain and put in beads (jet, freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystals) along the way. I absolutely adore this piece and it is very true to my style of wire-working. I also made some jet and amber earrings to match this necklace. These were very simple, wire/amber wrapped. Again, like with the bloodstone piece, the beauty in these earrings is their simplicity.

I truly enjoyed working on everyone of these pieces and was happy to work with some materials I haven’t worked with as much in the past.


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